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Project Description
This project allows users to build forms, quiz's and polls easily with immeditate deployment. Check out how to use a dynamic lanaguage to accomplish this.

Jetfire Forms ToolKit

Jetfire is a Domain Specific Language. It is like Iron Python or Iron Ruby in that it is a dynamic language - expression interpretation occurs at run-time. It is like C# in syntax.

The Jetfire Forms ToolKit wraps a visual designer around the language to quickly create Polls, Quiz's and Forms that can be deployed instantly.

This project includes a sample website with integrated database (in AppData). Just unzip, open with Visual Studio and you are in the driver's seat.

This release allows you to design a one-question poll question, Quiz, or Form with a number of different types of question types supported. Future releases will increase the functionality.

Future Development

The Issue Tracker page lists a number of planned additions to Form Maker. Please vote for your favorite.

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